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android ripple effect

Ripple touch effect was introduced with material design in Android 5.

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Touch feedback in android ripple effect design provides an instantaneous visual confirmation at the point of contact when users interact fwith UI elements. For example, buttons now display a ripple effect when they are touched - this is the default touch feedback animation in Android 5.

Ripple effect android

Ripple animation is implemented by the new RippleDrawable class. The ripple effect can be configured to end at the bounds of the view or extend beyond the bounds of the view.

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For example, the following sequence of screenshots illustrates the ripple effect in a button during touch animation: Initial touch contact with the button occurs in android ripple effect first image on the left, while the remaining sequence from left to right illustrates how the ripple effect spreads out to the edge of the button.

When the ripple animation ends, the view returns to its original appearance.

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The default ripple animation takes place in a fraction of a android ripple effect, but the length of the animation can be customized for longer or shorter lengths of time. Note that the ripples will only show up on devices android ripple effect Lollipop, and will fall back to a static highlight on previous versions.

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So the default button background is not going to work for you here.

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